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Thomas is born in Bergamo, Italy, on january 6, 1975.

The passion for bodybuilding arise at age of 10, when his father brought him to visit a trade fair.


Thomas noted a crowd of people and a strong music. Curious about than, he approaches and for the first time he sees bodybuilders who train, and it's love at first sight.

The impressiveness and strength of those bodies brought out the passion that still lives in him.


He started out with two dumbdells and a barbell, since the young age doesn't allow him to enroll in a gym.

His first competition was at age 15, and since then he competes with the same passion.


During time he has established more and more winning italian titles and becoming a pro in 2003.

He continues to compete at a professional level with the aim of being able to tread the stage of Mr. Olympia.